The best types of parquet and its features

The best types of parquet and its features

We will talk with you in detail about the best types of parquet in your site Parquet Flooring World for Trade (Woodlet), which is one of the largest parquet agents in Riyadh and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  due to the high quality German product it offers at the lowest prices in the market that does not accept competition.
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Perhaps what concerns everyone at the beginning of choosing the basics of the house is the floors, as it is a very important part of the house, so the floors should be attractive in terms of aesthetics, adding beautiful decoration, and characterized by durability and strength in practice.

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Parquet advantages

Parquet flooring has become one of the most common floors in our societies, and everyone is competing in its installation due to its many advantages: it is against water moisture and fire resistance, long life, easy to clean and polish, and very safe for children because it prevents slipping, combines beauty and creativity .

It has many brands, so we will now show you the best types of parquet and its features for you to choose

1- German parquet

  • It gets very great confidence in the Saudi market and is considered one of the best types of parquet and its many advantages.
  • Available in Ac4 technology, which makes it resistant to moisture and water absorption.
  • It is available in HDF technology, which makes it resistant to scratches and bacteria.
  • Coherent and easy to install thanks to unclick technology
  • Easy to clean and polish.
  • Its life is long and lasts for years

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Kronotex German ParquetMy floor German Parquet

2- Turkish parquet

  • Its attractive designs are inspired by nature

  • Famous for its classic colors that match most decorations

  • Most of its components are European and a strong competitor to European industries.

  • Resistant to moisture and scratch thanks to HDF technology

3- Chinese parquet

  • It is a factory with German technologies and has international fame

  • High quality

  • What distinguishes him is that his prices are cheap

4- Swiss parquet

  • It has a prominent position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • One of the most famous brands and imported from the best Swiss companies
  • Provided with waterproofing layers

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After knowing the best types of parquet and its features and choosing what suits you best, we at Parquet World Flooring for Trading (Woodlet) are proud to offer the lowest price in the Saudi market and maintain the quality of the product from high-quality German parquet with delivery services, a guarantee that spans years

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